Corfu has, in comparison to its size, an enormous variety of scenery: bare limestone mountains on the Pantokrator mountain range; sheer slopes covered with century old olive groves; Pine wooded cliffs dropping sharply to the sea; forest-covered hillsides in the centre of the island; impressive coast-lines; little picturesque coves and beaches; inland wetlands. You can therefore come across many different landscapes in a single day’s hike. The real Corfu is predestined by nature to be discovered on foot and is a real must for walkers and trekkers.

Take advantage of Corfu’s old footpaths which link the traditional villages and discover the interior of the island which remains almost completely undiscovered. Also explore the coastal routes and discover impressive coastlines, beside water of dazzling clarity. Discover a landscape of olive and cypress groves and hillsides scented with wild flowers. Visit traditional villages where things are exactly how they used to be years and years ago.