Old and New Forts

Old Fort (Paleo Frourio)

Otherwise known as Paleo Frourio, construction on Corfu’s Old Fort began in the 8th century, and this structure has served to protect Corfu Town throughout various historically significant conflicts. Much has been contributed to the fort over the years, with the Venetian’s adding a moat in the 16th century and the British adding various buildings inside the fort such as the church during the 19th century. Magnificent views over the city are available from the top of the fort, which is one of the island’s most popular historical attractions.


New Fort (Neo Frourio)

Corfu's New Fortress actually dates back as far as 1576, and is an excellent place to visit with kids, with cellars and dungeons that are intriguingly spooky, and make a cool retreat on a hot day.


Look closely at the wall just over the archway, and see the Lion of Venice.

The New Fort was built during the Venetian's 400-year reign over Corfu.